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Need a bit of code? I've got some for you!

I'm a full stack web application developer, project manager, UX/UI designer, who accidently fell in with the amazing world of source codes, the beautiful designs and I can't stop wondering about how marvellous database relations are.

(Please do not tell it to my wife, because she would definitly kill me. That's my super-secret affair...)

Languages, frameworks and tools I'm familiar with

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Check out some of my works

JavaScript calculator
Your best friends
in math
Allhy bt. website logo
Small businesses also
deserve nice sites.
Wikipedia viewer application
Have a question?
Let's Wiki it!
Local weather application
Don't need to open windows!
Get the current weather!
Random quote generator
Need a random quote?
(The second is my favorite!)
Tribute page for Muhammad Ali
Tribute page for
Muhammad Ali

Have you got any question? Contact me!

If you have any further question about me, or if you want my detailed CV, or even if you have a project for me, feel free to send me a message there , or send me a mail to david[at]dcmf[dot]hu.

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